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As a first-time dog-owner, I was overwhelmed by the unpredictable behavior of my pandemic rescue dog. Joyce gave me insights into Winston, and myself, that has helped me understand him and gain trust. Our session with Joyce has gone a long way to strengthen our bond.      -  Suzy C.

Joyce did a wonderful reading for myself and my dog Charlie. I was impressed on how well she was able to be on point with my personality traits and Charlie’s. Charlie has had some on and off health issues and through Joyce, Charlie reminded me how I’m able to help him more. This all tied in with the soul lesson that Charlie is here to help me with.      -  Julia M.

Thank you Joyce for connecting me to my sweet Pumpkin. Your insight about who we are/were was extremely accurate. You seeing my girl laying on the floor with her tail wagging and her body wiggling with joy while you spoke with her brought me a lot of peace. Knowing that she continues to watch over me and guide me on my journey without her physically being here truly helped me to cope with her loss. She took so much of my heart with her when she left me but as I spoke to you, I felt as if my healing process had finally begun.  Just hearing that she loved me and her family so much and that it was her time to pass brought me a feeling of relief. I now know she is at peace and running happily with her friends in the fields beyond. Thank you for letting me know she is still with me and is resting well.      -  Jane K.

Thank you Joyce so much for reading my Maron! She was spot on throughout the session but what surprised me most were the description of his appearance and my sleeping problem. I could believe that she really connected to him at the moment she mentioned how he looked!  It was fun and touching to learn his role, his thoughts and the meaning of his behavior. We are living apart now but I learned that there is still this way to connect to him! Thank you again for giving me such an eye-opening experience!!      -  Nene S.

Joyce was punctual when calling and extremely professional. She was well prepared with her presentations she gave to me. She was spot on with knowing the information I had asked of her regarding my deceased pet.  I would certainly recommend her if you want an excellent animal intuitive.      -  Linnie L.

I highly recommend Joyce!  Her animal communication sessions with my two recently adopted rescue cats were spot on. The information she shared really helped me get to know my new cats and their personalities. She pointed out some characteristics that I did not notice until after the session and gave me new insights into their behaviors. I feel much closer to them as a result of the session.      -  Cathy C.

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